On a november night in 1572 the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, looked up and noticed that right above his head, a new star was shining in the constellation forming Cassiopeia. Tycho Brahes’ finding, implied that the star was in a stellar sphere beyond all the planets. Something that was completely impossible after the natural perception of that time. Tycho Brahe was the last naked eye astronomer.

22 years ago the last observatory closed in Copenhagen. The city lights had eclipsed the stars. Not even a telescope could bring the night sky to the city. Cassiopeia disappeared from the night sky. 

Without the use of lens or camera, I have been collecting the light that overshadows Cassiopeia on light sensitive glass plates. As a elegy for fading stars, the city light now cast shadows and lights reminiscent of the stars that disappeared from the night sky.