Linnea Frandsen (b. 1990, DK), artist statement

I grew up in the suburbs of the average Scandinavian city, where the hedges were trimmed, the lawn was mowed and nature was a wooden box with polished stones. I never really knew what nature was. That distance has followed me into my adult life. I use photography to confront that alienation. In an increasingly bruised world, my work evolves around the relation between nature and culture and how they impose upon each other.

My work takes its point of departure from a place of truth. Either a historical character, a scientific fact or a natural phenomenon. After a photographic research of the chosen subject, I re-contextualize and alter the photographs, emphasizing on materiality and process. I often work in the dark room with various materials, to let the materials be a part of the story. My work plays with a poetic tension between presence and absence, abstraction and tangibility. By combining aspects of reality with abstraction, I aim to unfold a grander narrative about our relation to nature.

I’m based between The Hague (NL) and Copenhagen (DK). I’m currently finishing my studies at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. 



2017-2019: BA Photography at the 

Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, NL

2015-2017: Photographic communication at 

The Danish School of Media and Journalism

2015: Prepatory year at the Copenhagen School of Film and Photography

2012: Anthropology at University of Copenhagen



2019: JONGE KUNSTENAARS, gruppeudstilling, Twee Pauwen Gallery, The Hague, NL

2019: The Graduates, on-site exhibition at UNSEEN Photo Fair, NL


2019: Graduation Festival, The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL

2019: ‘Status:19’, group show in Viborg and Copenhagen, DK

2019: ‘Environment Documenta’, group show at Gallery Millepiani, IT

2019: ‘Woodland’ solo exhibition at Botanical Garden Delft, NL

2018: ‘Woodland’ solo exhibition at Deltares, NL

2018: ‘A Celebration of Life through Light’, group show at Martin Asbaek Gallery, DK

2018: ‘Slightly Sensitive’, pop-up exhibition, DK

2018: ‘NOUN present Good Work’, group show at Grey Space in the Middle, NL

2017: ‘Let Me Tell You About’, group show at UNSEEN Photo Fair, NL

2017: ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, group show at Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, NL 

2016: ‘Metamorphosis’, group show at Copenhagen Photo Festival, DK

2015: ‘Galleri NU’, Pop-up exhibition, DK

2015: ‘Aarhus Independent Pixels’, group show in Aarhus, DK

2015: ‘Afgangsudstilling’, group show at Copenhagen Photo Festival, DK


Contact me at for any questions regarding commissions, sale or possible collaborations.